Looking back at 2019 (where have I been?)

December 17, 2019

Happy Saturnalia!

After an unannounced and unexpected pause that lasted around a year, I wanted to fill disappointed readers in and give them an update. I have, however, continued to document the visual side of things on Instagram @leipzig_is_lit.

The primary reason for taking a break with blogging was the time constraints posed by various personal and professional committments. 2019 has been jam-packed with travels, translations, great reads, and various ups and downs. 2020 will start with an attempt to make some progress on a prose project of my own making (more details to come).

So for those who are wondering: I plan to write something at least twice a month during the coming year. The topics will range from observations on literary life in Leipzig, Germany, my impressions of the a recent read, and possibly some snippets of that project I'll be working on.

So have some happy holidays and see you in the new year!

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