Breaking the Ice

March 04, 2018

This blog has been a long time coming. Once I dumped my dissertation around ten years ago and prepared to move to Leipzig and embark on a MA in translation studies, I knew I would need to make an effort to keep my English fresh. Part the prescribed regimen was reading newspapers (online), listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and sometimes even interacting with real, live native speakers of English. Some of the blogs I picked up along the way have something to do with literature, translation, or German books. After a couple of false starts, I've decided to join my role models, taking the plunge and writing at least once each week.


The past week had been bitterly cold, a miniature Little Ice Age and I joined the revellers on the ~ 3 inch layer covering the Elster river, the same one Józef Poniatowski drowned in. If you've read the bio blurb on my website, you already know some requisite information about me, but in the coming months (and years?) I plan to share my unvarnished opinions about German books that I read, writers with a connection to Leipzig, and insights into life in Leipzig.

Now I'd better post this before the ice is gone!

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