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Summer Vacation

By the time you read this, I'll be on the other side of the pond. And because I've decided I will actually not work for several weeks, I'm taking a break until late August. See you on the other side.


The Pocket Sized Tourist Guide for Leipzig

How well do you know your city? Recently I had the opportunity to become more familiar with Leipzig, and even though I’ve been living here for over ten years, I managed to learn a few things in the process. The translation project was taking a small-format tourist guide on Leipzig and turning it i…


If You've Never Been to Iowa (for a Conference on Teaching and Translation)

I only started this blog a couple months ago, so you might not know that I attended the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota last October. In addition to chairing a panel working class literature (Translating the Disaffected), participating in…


First Harvest: The BTBA Long List

The past half-year I have had the honor of being a part of the jury choosing the Best Translated Book Award (for fiction), 2018. If you’ve never heard of it before, you might not necessarily view the category as self-explanatory, but actually it’s simple: books that were published in the US in the yea…


Hitting the Road: Translation Workshop in Columbia (the city, not the country)

As readers of this blog might be able to deduce, I wear many hats. I recently wrote about one of them: teaching translation at Leipzig University. I love teaching and one of the advantages of the university context is the chance to go slow, have plenty of repetition, and get into depth on a variety…


Tour des Arts – This Season’s Rundgang at the Baumwollspinnerei

Although the hubbub was over several weeks ago, it’s still important to let you in on one of the biggest cultural events in Leipzig. But before I can explain what a Rundgang is, I ought to start by giving you a quick primer on the Baumwollspinnerei. Founded in 1884, the Leipzig Cotton Mill quickly b…


Waiting for the Wolf: Florian Wacker's New Play

Everyone loves a good play. One of my first cultural experiences in Germany was a survey course on contemporary German theater, and we attended six productions in Marburg and Frankfurt. Since then I’ve made it a priority to see at least on play every season (not very much, I know, but life gets b…


A New Semester: The First Class is the Deepest

For those readers who don’t happen to live or have studied in Germany, you may be surprised to hear a new semester was kicked off this week. Here the academic year is divided into two semesters, both with 15 weeks of classes: the so-called Wintersemester from early October to early February and the S…